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The Matterhorn, Switzerland 2004

The Matterhorn, Switzerland 2004


Alys Shantz is an adventure and travel photographer based in Vancouver, Canada.

Throughout much of her adult life, Alys has been traveling around the world, seeking outdoor adventure and experiencing environments and cultures very different from her own through the lens of a camera. In addition to outdoor pursuits such as skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, kayaking, paddleboarding and backpacking, Alys is also an avid cook, recreating her travels through food with a focus on accessible, scratch-made meals from fresh local ingredients.


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Alys Shantz is nationally accredited in Travel Illustration, Nature, Pictorial/Scenic, Animal Portrait and Night Photography by the Professional Photographers of Canada.



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Alys loves food. She's always loved food. She grew up in a family that cooked real food from real ingredients - many of which they grew in their own garden - and knows that there's truly nothing better than discovering new flavours and sharing them with those you love.

Alys has collected her very favourite recipes from around the world sourced from her travels, her family, treasured cookbooks and magazines. With a focus on accessible, scratch-made meals made from fresh, local and seasonal ingredients, Alys is able to recreate her travels in the kitchen and share delicious food with family and friends.

Check out a preview of her cookbook, The Food We Love (US $49.80), and maybe you will want to share them too.


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