So this is Tokyo - Alys Shantz Photography

So this is Tokyo


I almost moved here once, you know. In the early '90s, a Japanese company I worked for offered me a transfer to Tokyo. What would my life have been like if I had accepted instead of going back to school? I'll never know, but I've always wondered.

This trip was a dream come true. From my quest to find the perfect bowl of ramen (with raw egg, of course, sometimes ordered via vending machine), to a trip by bullet train to Nagano to visit the Jigokudani Monkeys in Yamanouchi, I saw and did all I could and experienced every moment to its fullest. I spent a morning strolling the famous Tsukiji fish market, an afternoon spotting trendy Harajuku girls and even had an opportunity to meet 3 of only 1000 geisha left in Japan. Truly an honour.

Such an incredible city. Wildly chaotic yet orderly and respectful all at the same time. What an experience!

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